Monday, April 22, 2013

Stressed to the max!

I've only gotten worse since I've gone off cyclo. It's now 4am and I just took a shower because I was itching to much and couldn't sleep. I've only slept 3-4 hrs the last 4 days and I'm finding going to work is proving to be almost completely unbearable. Especially when my work days turn into 12 hour days. In addition to insomnia, redness, shedding, and crazy itching, my legs and feet have started to swell and rash up more. I don't know what I'm going to do. I am definitely at a low point. I feel lost, sad, tired, disgusting, and fed up. I think I may try and get some time off work in May if this madness continues. I just want to lay on the couch all day, but my schedule has been very busy and i'm forcing myself to get outside the house. Im just tired.


  1. so sorry to hear things are bad for you right now, Jason. Can you go back onto cyclo once your body has had a break? There is also azathioprine as a possibility (another immuno-suppressant). If neither of these, perhaps you should get a doctors note and take time off work? Perhaps it will be horrid for a few months, then gradually clear up and get better? As someone said to me recently, ciclo makes an uncertain medical condition even more uncertain - you don't know if its helping you through, or just putting off the inevitable and prolonging the entire process. However, if you were a user for 20 years, you are probably looking at a 2 year recovery time, don;t you think? So your condition at 10 months would probably be pretty awful anyway. I think tiime off work might be really helpful. Is it possible? best wishes elaine

  2. Hang in there Jason! I'm going through the same. Didn't sleep last night because the itching and pain was so bad. Leaving the house to work a whole day when my legs, arms and hands are throbbing with pain is probably the hardest thing for me... But you are definitely not disgusting! You are half way there, and we're all in this together! You and Rochelle have both inspired me to start a blog of my own journey to healing, I'm only on my second month..
    God bless


  3. Hey Jason,

    Any updates on your condition? is following your story.

  4. Hey guys, I just wrote a new post that answers some of your questions. Thank you guys for your words of encouragement. It really helps to talk with others that are suffering from the same condition. Sorry it took so long for the response. I have been crazy busy.