Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Really bad day

Today started off ok, then I decided to play tennis in the heat... Worst decision of my week. I got home without itching then took a cold shower and put vasoline on once I got out. My body would not cool down and it started freaking out and it felt like a crazy rash was growing on the rest of the parts of my body that were previously rash free. I had insane itching, then I hoped back into the shower with horrible stinging due to my scratching. Now I'll spend weeks recovering from the deep scratch marks. I'm at 2 months steroid free and after today's horrible experience I feel like I'm probably going to keep getting wore. I can handle the rash on my legs and arms, and it sucks to have it on my torso, but I can still manage it. But now that it's moving to my neck I fear it will be on my face shortly. Having the rash on my neck really sucks. I am unable to sleep at night. Last night I finally got a nap at 8am, and I even took Benadryl and ambien at 10pm. Wtf? I can handle this for a few nights, but at some point I'm going to break down and have to take off work for a while. Tonight's itching has really put me in a sad mood. Luckily my wife was home tonight and helped me through it and then ordered Chinese take out. My skin hurts so bad I don't want to leave bed. 

On another note, I've been trying to take less showers because of how bad they are for my skin. So far I still need to take 2 a day to help lower itching. This doesn't help my skin. But is morning I tried putting a hand towel on the shower head so the water wouldn't hit my skin so hard. This worked great. The water gently rolls over my skin, and I can tolerate a little cooler shower (both positive). I got out of the shower and my skin was less irritated, success! I will definitely try this method again.

I hope I feel better tomorrow :(

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