Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Anti-Inflammation Tactics

So today started off awesome and ended horribly. I didn't even need to take a shower this morning (my skin was very happy about that) and I spent the day with friends at the shooting range and then lunch. The weather was good so I decided to play a tennis match this evening. I definitely regret that. Even though I though my skin was ok, after I started to sweat in the humidity I could feel my skin burning. When the match was over and I was in my car, I went on an itching rampage which continued into the shower after I got home. I'm really bummed about that. I didn't tear up my face (which was nice) but I itched all over my body. I had a rash start on the back of my neck a few weeks ago, and it has spread to my upper arms, and torso. Not fun. Oh well, at least half my day was awesome.

I started an "anti inflammation" diet last week along with "anti inflammation" supplements (purchased at Earth Fare). I appears that this combination is helping with facial redness and blemishes (yea!!!!!). Plus I noticed an increase in energy from eating healthy. Basically the diet (like a lot of other ones) has you increase veggies and cut back on sugar and processed foods, as well as red meat. There are multiple websites you can find on it if you do a google search.

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